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Bathroom ideas – decor ideas for wet rooms, shower rooms and more

Typically seen as utilitarian, bathrooms have recently evolved into our own personal wellness retreats – with more care and consideration being taken to creating a welcoming feel for the space. Whether you are looking to update your master bathroom, upgrade a shower room or turn unused space into a luxurious en suite, there’s now plenty […]


Wet room ideas – ideas for tiling, showers and more in a bathroom

A wet room can be a real luxury at home, even when the space you have to work with is limited. Without the need to squeeze in a shower enclosure or raised shower tray, these wet room ideas open up the opportunity for contemporary creative design. Try thinking along the lines of colourful floor-to-ceiling tiles, […]


Modern dining room ideas – 12 contemporary ways to decorate your dining space

Whether you’re a lover of formal dinner parties, or your approach to mealtimes is more relaxed, how you decorate your dining room will have a big impact on its feel. Our key modern dining room ideas and design rules will guide you whatever your space – from a separate dining room to an eating zone […]


Paint ideas for every room – how to choose the best paint colors every time

Choosing the right paint color for every room will make all the difference to your interior design scheme. We have compiled all our best paint ideas and color advice in one place to make it even easier to digest. HOW DO I CHOOSE A PAINT COLOR FOR EVERY ROOM IN MY HOUSE? It is best […]