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Modern Home Decorating Ideas: 18 Striking Design Ideas Worth Copying

We’ve pulled together 18 strikingly modern home decorating ideas that are guaranteed to wow. From architectural ideas to playful details, read on to get inspired… See Also: Modern homes – a guide to modern architectural styles and design 1. Flirt with the past For a modern home design that truly captivates, celebrate the property’s history by […]


Living room ideas: 24 decorating tricks to inspire

Decorating ideas for stylish living rooms that leave a lasting impression… A living room is one of the most used rooms of the house, so make yours a space that both comforts you and inspires you. We’ve pulled together 22 gorgeous living room ideas that promise to give a fresh and modern look. See Also: Modern […]


Bedroom curtain ideas

Bedroom curtains should feel both cosy and functional. Adding curtains can create a sense of softness and luxury to a bedroom, while also giving privacy and keeping light out when needed. We’ve combed through our archives and pulled out our favourite bedroom curtain ideas, ranging from functional ideas like sheer fabrics to let in light […]


Boy bedroom ideas for small rooms

Children don’t need big bedrooms, and often it’s the smaller rooms that can make the cosier, more inviting spaces – even more so for small people who can feel dwarfed in lofty bedrooms. So we’ve made an edit of gorgeous boy bedroom ideas for small rooms, to make every square inch count. In the gallery […]