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About us

We love design, creativity and lifestyle.
It's all about simplicity and being elegant.
Feel the inner peace and being blessed coming from within

Inspiration comes unexpected

It began with a wall art

It was in the middle of July 2019. Busy schedules made everyone crazy. Deadlines, follow-ups just stressed everyone. We realized we need a quick getaway from all of these routines. As we look at the wall art hang inside the office, a unique feeling came about, different from other days.

A beautiful panorama of tall palm trees and amazing breathtaking red and purple clouds in the sky
Never have such feeling before

The feeling of calm and inner peace

The wall art is a sunset scenery of a sea. It was peace and quite. When we imagined ourselves inside the environment, we sensed the serenity vibes coming from the environment. The longer we stay in, the greater the calm and inner peace coming from within. And we found out even more.

It's all about our thoughts

The picture triggers a memory of calmness we experienced before

When we start to realize how blessed we are, we began to relax. We didn’t feel the stress we were experiencing moments before. That picture actually triggered our ‘calm zone’ and such finding has motivated us to dream big.

We are where we are now

We starts Rex Warrin

At Rex Warrin, we want to inspire others. Furnitures, wall arts, home decors are not just products. They can help you recall good memories. Whether it is about a scene you see in your holiday, or a happy moment with your family, or an inspiration for your creativity. Every piece of arts or furniture can be unique. And it’s you to decide their purposes.

"I’m satisfied with the service provided. My order was delivered within 48 hours. The thought and care they show just outstanding."

Sean G.

'Good product. Very good on delivery. Will purchase it again as a gift and for myself!'

Astrid W.
Happy Mum